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Our Story

  Top Young Horses is created in 2019 with a rich history behind it.

  It all starts back in 2004 when Mr. George Georgiev built the best place for horses and riders in Bulgaria. His passion for exceptional young horses drove him through the difficulties and challenges of this business. He developed those horses all the way through ground work, correct and precise free jumping, saddle breaking and presenting them in competitions. His success quickly followed - as a result there were numerous horses sold to Turkey, Greece and other countries of the Balkan peninsula. The pearls in the crown were three amazing show jumpers - Quatsina de la Fontenelle (Ksar Sitte x Aldo des Fontenis) , Terka des Hazzalles (Alcatraz x Darco)  and Bator (Claudio's Son x Coriano). These talanted animals always placed in the highest rankings in 145 cm classes.

  The idea for creating Top Young Horses came up when Mr. Georgiev and his wife Victoria found a dream young horse - Costa van Eeckelghem Z. A horse that combines it all - unique pedigree, exquisite sport qualities, clean vet check and noble character - a true masterpiece. At that moment they decided to brand their choice and call it Top Young Horses. They put a label to quality and exquisiteness. Their priority is to develop future grand prix horses which can suit professional and amateur riders as well.

  The initial training and ground work happens in Top Young Horses' stable which is located in Bulgaria. Then the overall work and education continues in The Netherlands performed by the partner stable Orange Clover with main rider Mr. Don Willemsen.

  There are a million horses on the market - Top Young Horses chooses the very best for you ! Be unique !

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